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What is Summus Medical Laser Therapy

What do sports injuries, acute injuries after car accidents, brachial plexus injuries, bicipital tendonitis, sprains, and ACL injuries have in common? They affect your muscles and tissues, causing them to swell up quickly. You will feel excruciating pain even if you gently touch the injured area. These injuries require therapeutic treatment where your tissues can regenerate quickly. Although medicines and physiotherapy can eventually heal them, they take a lot of time. It will probably take you weeks before you can walk around freely.

You need something that works faster than medicines and physiotherapy. At Elite Total Wellness, we offer Summus Medical Laser Therapy, an FDA-approved therapeutic treatment that can help you recover from the above injuries in the least amount of time. This treatment increases blood circulation in your tissues and veins and boosts the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the injured area. It provides an ideal healing environment for rapidly reducing muscle spasms, swelling, pain, stiffness, and inflammation.


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The importance of wavelengths in Laser Therapy

Wavelengths help our experts figure out how much the laser should penetrate through your tissues to target the chromophores and stimulate them. Here are the different wavelengths that we usually use according to different injuries and their severity.

1. 650 nm wavelength

This wavelength is ideal for minor injuries and fixing scars. It penetrates the melanin of your skin, promotes cell growth, and keeps bacteria away from affecting the wound. Minor injuries on your arms or knees that don’t involve tissues, muscles, and bones can be treated with this wavelength.

2. 810 nm wavelength

This wavelength penetrates into the area where the enzyme that allows cells to convert molecular oxygen to ATP is located. The idea is to increase the speed at which cellular ATP production takes place. It absorbs the photon, irrespective of its molecular state.

3. 915 nm wavelength

According to our experts, Summus Medical Laser Therapy increases the speed of oxygen transfer in the bloodstream, thus providing enough nutrients to the cells to carry out the natural healing process. At 915 nm, your body’s hemoglobin reaches its peak, which in turn, provides fuel to the cells to heal your injuries faster.

4. 980 nm wavelength

Water in your blood carries oxygen to your cells and removes waste. Various researches suggest that 980 nm is the ideal wavelength to force water to perform these activities. Once we start this process and continue to send 980 nm wavelengths, they stimulate microcirculation and provide more nutrients to the cells.

How does the therapy work?

Our Summus Medical Laser Therapy provides a combination of different wavelengths and frequencies to ensure that the injured area responds positively to the treatment. Some of the parts of your body that this therapy can work wonders on are head, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands, low back, hip and SL joints, knees, and ankles and feet.

In this therapy, our experts will send different pulse frequencies that would have different physiological responses from the injured area. We decide the frequencies depending on the severity of your injury. For example, a severe injury requires high frequencies at regular intervals initially. We will monitor the condition of your injured area and accordingly change the frequencies later.

The advantage of this therapy is that it considers all the anatomical parts of your body so that it can target the right tissues, fat, and bones. We have a wide range of laser parameters that utilizes four frequencies and wavelengths, thus stimulating the body cells so that they can heal themselves.


At Elite Total Wellness, we believe in providing the best therapeutic care so that you can get back to an injury-free life right away. Call us at 678-594-3119 and set up an appointment so we can start discussing about your injury and treatment plan.

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