Tru Digital Medical X-ray

Digital X-ray Technology Safe For Kids & Adults

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Tru Digital Medical X-Ray

Tru Digital Medical X-Ray technology is a cutting-edge part of the future in healthcare. Elite Total Wellness is proud to offer state-of-the-art solutions for those wanting premium x-rays for all of their short and long-term needs.

When it comes to a dedicated solution with an emphasis on customization, Elite Total Wellness is the number one solution in the Acworth and Atlanta areas.

Fast Turnaround

Getting the results involves choosing a service that values your time.

With a time-friendly setup, each test is run within a reasonable timeframe ensuring patients are not made to wait for long periods.

Once the process begins, the x-ray is going to be completed with precision and a high level of care. This includes having a specialist run multiple checks to see what type of imaging is being run and how it’s going to benefit a patient’s health moving forward.

It’s this attention to detail that will ensure the process unfolds safely and quickly.

Elite Total Wellness is not a new team on the block and has been helping patients for years. This is a team of accredited specialists with qualified experience in medical testing. The team has also vetted each piece of equipment to make sure it is in line with industry standards. The goal is to help patients using the team’s experience.

This experience is a must when it comes to running the right tests, understanding what a patient needs, and then implementing meaningful solutions over the long haul. It is this experience that matters the most.

Premium Technology

It starts with access to premium technology that has been tested for years with exceptional results. The team has taken the time to put together a selection of tools to help process x-ray imaging for patients based on their medical requirements.

It’s this high-grade equipment that sets a high standard and ensures patients are treated with care and respect.

Elite Total Wellness goes above and beyond to help understand a patient’s medical requirements before using Tru Digital Medical X-ray technology.


Safety is paramount and that is something this team takes pride in every step of the way.

Each tool and technique has been tested over years of medical application. Elite Total Wellness is home to a trusted team of specialists with years of relevant experience handling this type of cutting-edge equipment.

This ensures patients will receive top-tier healthcare services every step of the way. These solutions are not only safe but will provide peace of mind to those who want the real deal. The specialist will also guide patients throughout the process shedding light on what each step will encompass.

To learn more about Elite Total Wellness and its Tru Digital Medical X-ray services, please take the time to reach out at 678-594-3119. This is a one-stop option for those who want to make sure they are going with a world-class service provider in the Acworth and Atlanta Georgia areas.

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